"In a world saturated with contrast and uncertainty,
a fascination with human perception and emotion inspires my direction."



With professional experience in all areas of film production, Matt has properly acquired the experience needed to guide each new project through it's entirety. His belief is that image-making should be realistic and emotional. As a cinematographer Matt's passion is to create realistic environments that complements both the narrative, and the empathetic mood that each subject is placed within.Matt is also an award winning film producer, having a solid understanding in each department adds validity to Matt's technical experience and physical approach to guiding each project. Adapting to the ever changing word of technology, Matt constantly gains knowledge and experience as the limits & boundaries increase.

Matt received higher education from Brooks Institute, graduating summa cum laude with a masters in photography, bachelors in film, and a certificate in digital cinematography.

Available for worldwide travel for industry, private, and commercial assignments.